Sneaky cleaning service

Don't have the time of day to scrub or clean your shoes. Well do we have the solution for you. Leave the dirty work to us. As we get the dirt out of your filthy sneakers and bring your kicks back to life. We offer full service cleaning and restoration at reasonable cost. From insole to out sole. 

We'll put the soul back into your sneakers. Having your shoes looking like new again with our trusted precision service. As much as we love our sneakers. We believe you'll love your freshly clean and revived sneakers when received because we pamper to please. Contact us via Email our live chat or by phone. On how to acquire our services today.

Our proper cleaning procedures: (1)We use the best professional grade sneaker cleaning solutions.(2)We pay very close attention to detail.(3)We are very technical with our services and handle every pair(s) with fragile love and care. All the way down to the laces.(4)We use the best professional grade brushes equipped with each process fit for any material to ever be put on a pair of sneakers.(5) Each pair(s) cleaned will receive our famous Sole Market Direct Logo sticker as our seal of approval. 100% FRESHNESS

How to Acquire: Please purchase 1 of the following listed items described in the details shown below. Please select (Full service sneaker cleaning) and select to purchase your option. There are absolutely No Refunds for this service. All sales are proven final.

$25 Service fee per each pair per cleaning.

$25 for 1 pair

$50 for 2 pairs

$75 for 3 pairs

$100 for 4 Pairs

Click (CONTACTS) after you have made your purchase. Please Leave your Full Name.

Leave your return (Email Address)

In (Subject) please be sure to mention Sole cleaning services

Comment in (Messages) leaving your complete Phone # number for us to contact you at the best time possible. You must also describe your conditions of the shoe(s). Rating it from a 1-10 basis (EXAMPLE: 8/10-8.5/10 etc.). 

Being as descriptive as possible with specifics or suggestions needed to endeavor your pair(s). Informing us how much time and labor is needed for our procedures.

Detailed Shipping Procedure: You must box or package your own item(s) and ship to the provided address in the details shown below. A detailed shipping label will be issued to you.(Sent via your Email). Please print the label and tape the new issued label to your shipping box. Please allow reasonable arrival time for package to arrive at the required destination to proceed with our cleaning service.

Ship To: Sole Market Direct 

(515 Maple st West Des Moines,Iowa 50265)

Time of Service: Once arrived please allow up 7-10 business days to process our service by order in which your item was received. Once achieved we will return ship the item(s) within those 7-10 business days at no other cost to you. As our satisfied customer(s). Thank You for your purchase and cooperation. #HAPPYCLEANING