Pricing and listings Policy

Sole Market Direct LLC

Pricing: Items sold via online shop or in store are not suggested retail prices but are secondary market costs. We're able to obtain products consumed by customers or clients brought in for consignment by personal collections,secondary distributor & retailer to be sold and offered at suggested current resale. We are locally owned and operated with a fully functional store location. We offer competitive pricing with convenience in mind at a Buy It Now(B.I.N) pricing. We try at best to either compete or match other prices offered to YOU the consumer. 

Listings: Are most likely to include the following item descriptions. Sizes. Color. Item or stock number(s).Quantity & Variations. We do not alter or modify any items obtained. All items ore offered in its original state and form from a suggested retailer or seller. If an item is noted and states these abbreviations in the following. Please resort to the list below for current terms & conditions. Thanks

*DS= Dead stock

Newest conditions. No stock available in retail stores. In its original 10/10 conditions at best.

*VNDS= Very Near Dead stock

Tried on in near mint. 9.5/10 conditions

*NDS= Near Dead Stock

Worn lightly or worn once with minor flaws and signs of wear in 9/10 conditions.

*P/O= Pre Owned

Used or showing signs of wear in 8.5/10 or less conditions seeking attention.

*BNIB=Brand New In Box

Item includes new item with newest conditions with no signs of wear and tear to it's original shoe box.

*BIN=Buy It Now

Suggested resale price. Convenient pricing without hassle of layaway pay or money down. Pay today and walk away.

Sz= Size

M= Men

W= Women

Y= Youth

K= Kids

Shoe sizing in general.

GS= Grade School

PS= Pre school

TD= Toddler