Sneaker Consignment

Sole Market Direct sneaker consignment is now offering a creative solution to suit your sneaker needs. In getting your items sold fast with competitive pricing and shipping through USPS Priority Express, unlike other services. We try best in offering current and previous products with reliable resources.  We ship items fast to the buyer and get our sellers paid out ASAP! A majority in 90% of our Inventory is provided by our consignors available to our consumers. Sold online & on site location by Sole market Direct LLC/SMD Inc.

A) How It Works: You MUST be (18+) years of age with a photo I.D present to seek our services. If you're under the age of 18 years old. A Parent or legal guardian must be present to assist in the consigning process. You must abide by our guidelines and procedures required in our consent form to be completed. Once item(s) are written or announced as received. 

1) When consigning your only allowed a max total of ten (10)items. We only accept items in conditions of 9 through 10 on a number scale. (Example: 10/10 being NEW at best. Dead stock or DS/Brand New In Box or B.N.I.B/OG all or in it's original state). 9.5 /10 is what's considered known as Very Near Dead Stock or V.N.D.S. Showing signs of very minor wear or have been tried on. Still appearing to have like new appearances. 9/10 conditions are shoes appearing lightly used, pre owned with mild signs of gentle wear on the interior & exterior. Signs are light creasing in 1 to 2 minimum wears of dusty or dirty bottoms and sock lints ,rub off of logo on insoles etc.) 

2) We'll thoroughly inspect the shoe(s) for imperfections,marks,scratches,nicks, color fading or defects. A highly trained professional will fully inspect and legit check items for approval of authentication. Before proceeding to list any items to our consumers. Having initial proof of purchase, receipt,an email or invoice is an added plus. To further speed up the authentication process. We do not seek,condone or promote any selling of fakes,variants,copies or replicas on our website nor within our store location. 

3) If for any apparent reason, an item is collected and redeemed unsaleable or unappealing to a buyer. We have the right to decline our services in all selling of the product(s) to be sold online and in store. We'll then ask for the seller to recover the item(s) or shipped back to it's original owner to cover a penalty fee at cost of shipping on all non selling items.

B) Consignment Agreement: As a consignor, you must have an I.D. present to provide valid proof of your items. You are allowed up to 1 full month (30 days) with an option to extend your (30 days) additional totaling 60 days MAX. Given the amount of time and date for us to enlist,market,promote and sell your items. A legal binding contract will be issued via email or on paper in house for you to sign of all consigning items.

C) Expiration of contract: If for any reason, you'd NO longer like to seek consignment.  A 15% penalty fee will be applied & must be paid upfront in advance to break all terms of contract. Therefore the business, is forfeiting & releasing your items to the sole owner. Entitling you to all properties at the time of pick up. If for any reason your unable to collect your items in store. You must notify the business in advance granting permission for a spouse, legal guardian,family or friend to confirm in collecting those items. We check I.D. on all persons. No Questions asked. For the safety of insuring your property is/are in exact conditions ,has been returned and in possession of the rightful owner.

D) Consignment Pricing: Is based on secondary market. Either at asking price of the consignor or seller offering the product(s) for sale. Often times determined by exclusivity,limitations, product demands  or region in the area for which that specific items sells for. Often to be sold & listed for B.I.N (Buy It Now) prices. We do not accept bids nor trades or favors for items in our type of business. All sales are proven final. All items are to be sold at final sale. No Refunds. No Returns .No Exchanges. No Excuses.(*WARNING*) We are NOT fully responsible for any item's lost,stolen or damage claims. Once any of our items have left the facility or in the state of NON possession. We are no longer liable in obtaining these items.

E) Rapid Payout Process: A 10% fee will be applied to your listing based on the consignors required asking price. The seller will be immediately notified. After an item has sold in store or online. As a consignor you will receive a full 90 % payout sent by via PayPal payment issued within 24 hours after the sale. 

1) You must have a registered PayPal account to receive our rapid payout process. 

2) If local, you also have an option to pick up your monetary funds in store after an item has sold based on your availability. 

3) Pick up must be done during our operations of business hours. No questions asked. 

4)For your security. You must have valid proof of I.D. present when picking up your cash in store. Funds will only be released to the seller(consignor) only without further discussions.

F) Free Listings: As a consignor your items will be sold locally In store to customers/consumers. Whom can easily access our inventory offered for purchase in store & listed on our website available to the world. Our goal is to reach over millions of interested buyers,collectors and enthusiast for our consignor. We promote all items available in stock, at no cost to you. We also take it a step further with using other popular platforms like our very own Ebay store,Kixify,Goat,Stock X Bump,Grailed accounts. We even list in local based selling platforms like Offer Up,LetGo,Mercari,Facebook groups and Forums. 

1)We often understand our clients wants and needs by listening and following up on their selling requests. We use all social media platforms in promoting, networking and marketing the items we sell. We conduct all selling,listing ,pricing,offer steals,negotiate and close deals with a handshake of approval. You can likely call us today's modern Al Bundy of shoe selling. We take the strain out of all selling duties. So you wont have too!


G) Shipping: We process all orders provided for shipping and handling of the package by United States Postal Service, sent to the assigned customer/consumer from start to finish. We only ship 2-3 day Priority Mail. Making anyone's selling process easy and smoother without the hassle of enlisting items, selling online, meet ups or the long extensive wait of receiving you package for a period of time.


H) Acquiring about our services: If your are a resident in the state of Iowa or a non local resident to the state of Iowa and you'd like to partake in our consignment services. Please E-mail or message us to proceed in acquiring our services further. We will then issue the consignor a consent form in enlisting your items and provide a shipping label to you at no cost, as a gift for in trusting  our services. This service is only available to the lower 48 States. Hawaii and Alaska is Excluded. We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences.

We greatly appreciate you business. We thank you very much for all of your support. 

Sole Market Direct/SMD LLC.(‎2/‎8/‎2019)