About Us


Sole Market Direct will know be assisting & offering solutions to better serve you in seeking sneakers by customers request. Whether it's a sneaker you've been trying to locate. Either limited,exclusive,one of a kind, old & new, nor have any knowledge on shoes. We're able to offer our services to you at any budget. Helping you seek that perfect pair(s) of sneaker(s) at any preference. 

We might not be considered your date of choice but you can call us your sole mate in offering to help you find that perfect pair of sneakers to match your requests. Rest assured we'll do our best by looking into any category under any circumstances. Just by simply messaging us via online messages. Our social media accounts & via in store contact. Please provides us with your simple request (example: explanation of shoes/sizing/color/pricing/budget/conditions that you're seeking/new or pre own, amount(s) etc.) to better fit your description.

We go far & wide in helping you find the best affordable prices to fit your budget. When there's been a time you've always wanted a fresh pair of sneakers but was unable to obtain them then. Well Sole Solution is our way of helping you obtain those sought out sneakers you've always wanted. Any day, any time or maybe years further down the line. We've got your back to help customers pick up the slack. With tons of resources & years in the sneaker game & knowledge. We've built our reputation into the sneaker communities all across the Midwest. It only takes one(1) phone call & we'll handle it all.

 Sole Market Direct has fulfilled tons of special requests & orders for many years to come. We know what it takes in offering our clients the best customer service at 100%. Providing all 100% legit sneakers & products. We're not satisfied until your satisfied with your purchase 100%.

Feel free to contact us anytime & let us go sole searching for you. Old or new. Difficult to easy. Any request nor big or small. We got you! Give us a try now! We hope to service you soon. Thank you for your business.